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Our Process

We help businesses like yours leverage proven marketing systems to get dramatic growth in their business. Our process is simple:

First we will have a conversation with you to understand your business.  This is a critical step in the process.  We want to get a good understanding of what you do and who your ideal customers are.

From there, we will go out and do some market research so we can target what is currently working in your marketplace.

Once we understand these two components,

That’s when we bring out the R4!
It’s our experience that there are 4 R’s every business needs to plan for and optimize to maximize growth potential.

The first R is Reputation

"It’s never been easier for a prospect to find out what others think about your business…online Reviews

The second R is Reach

You need to make sure more people know about you today than did yesterday…

The third R is Resell

Once you’ve done all of the hard work of getting a customer, you need to make sure to maximize their LTV…

The fourth R is Referral

Since you’ll be doing such a great job of taking care of your customers, we need to set up systems to maximize the benefit you get from them…"

To sum it up

It’s our experience that maximizing any of these R’s can lead to 25% growth at your business, and maximizing all four gets a compounding effect…more than 100%

Do you see how maximizing these 4 R’s could significantly impact growth at your business?

This strategic process insures that we utilize the appropriate tools to meet your business expectations. We hope that you will hire our organization for all your marketing needs.  Make sure you take a look at our services page to see some of our other offerings.

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